Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Punta Cana Paraglading and Snorkeling By Power Adventure

Power Adventure is definitely an excursion to remember

Well, the adage partying in the DR lived up to its name without a doubt. I am going to share a recent experience on a party boat called POWER ADVENTURE. It all began when I spoke to a friend and inquired about fun things to do in the DR. His response was, “without a doubt, the best thing to do in the DR is clearly the Party Boat”! A little skeptical, I turned to my Google search engine for the top excursions one can do in the DR while on vacation. Of course, I started with the free things to do in Punta Cana. Quickly eliminating those two-three free things, I was stuck with the advice my friend gave me as my default.

It all began on a sunny Saturday morning. I arrived about fifteen minutes early and surprisingly registration was efficient and painless. I am thinking, so far not bad.

My excursion was finally about to begin on the Power Adventure Party Boat. When the team leader – Norbert said, let's all gather around for a few safety points, I was thinking to myself oh... this will be boring. To my surprise, it was not the usual blah blah blah. Norbert took time to introduce himself and his team while interjecting that good ole Dominican comedy into the presentation. At the same time, this was where everybody was able to meet each other and get to know who they would be “PARTYING” with for the day. It's safe to say, the initial safety talk was well received. The crew was multilingual and the safety instructions were given in three languages: English, French and of course Spanish.

Fast forward, and we're all on the boat and I'm thinking to myself, yes, this was worth the wait; I am going to have some fun. Well deserved I might add! Of course, once on board there were house keeping rules and time for the proverbial question and answer time. Norbert, our lead guide didn't let us down with his great sense of humor; we were laughing throughout the whole presentation.

The Q&A ended with the music being turned up and the partying began. A line dance broke out led by one of the crew and the rest was history. The dancing and partying lasted until we reached our first destination of scuba and snorkeling. Due to the large group, we were broken into two groups. Those who wanted to snorkel and the ones who just wanted to Scuba. Well, being a certified diver, one did not have to guess which one I wanted to do first! Unfortunately, I opened my big mouth and told Norbert I was a diver and I was sent directly to the snorkel line... LOL. Never figured that one out until later on in the trip. Come to find out, they just wanted to even out the groups. ( Snorkel vs. Scuba) Then, after enjoying the snorkeling, it was my turn; yes my turn to go deep down into that beautiful crystal clear Dominican water. Not that the snorkeling wasn't great, but did I mention I was a certified diver? And as I began to put on my weight belts, the feeling of finally after all this time came over me landing a smile on my face the size of Texas. One of the vacationers said, while are you smiling so much? I replied, we are about to experience a piece of paradise on earth. His reply, “yeah indeed we are”.

The water was so clear and full of Marine Life. Although, we were only in 15-20 feet of water, the scenery was fantastic. We saw a plethora of species of fish, a coral reef, and turtles. Since we were not very deep, everything was very colorful. Unfortunately, our dive time was only about 15-20 minutes. When you have four groups, that pretty much uses all your time for that excursion. All in all, we spent about one (1) hour diving and snorkeling. After our water entertainment, we were offered some tasty snacks: fresh pineapples, cantaloupes and coconuts. What a wonderful way to wine down after some excellent aquatic time. 

Then, the time had come; those who had signed up for Parasailing were taxied from the Catamaran to the next adventure. A speed boat pulled up and nine (9) of us jumped in and headed out to start our excursion. Words can not describe the amount of fun we had Parasailing. The boat was “top of the line”, fast, sleek, new and the envy of the bay. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and answered all our questions and quenched any fear one may have felt. Then..... it was my turn to soar like an eagle. The view was simply picturesque. One was able to view the coast and all the mega yachts in the bay. I was flying with a birds eye view. I hadn't seen the earth from this position since Ft. Knox, Kentucky during repelling training.
After feeling like a soaring eagle, it was time to return to the party boat. The ride back in that sleek cigar boat reminded me of the Miami Vice TV series with Crockett and Tubs. When we finally rendezvoused with the other half of the group, they had moved over to a natural pool and were in the water partying like rock-stars. The only thing that kept me from being envious of our other half was the fantastic time we had flying like a bird.
Quickly jumping in the water to mingle with our group, we were in paradise on earth once again. Finally, the chance to wine down and enjoy the beautiful water. Those who drank did not waste time taking advantage of the “all you can drink” option. The ambiance was something out of a Miami Vice episode; music, water sports, chasing fish, mingling with other Yacht owners that had anchored, great conversation and just your own piece of tranquility.
Then “it” happened, the call to board the boat and head back. It was the same sad feeling when you're a kid and the STREET LIGHTS come on. We all remember that feeling. It meant the fun was over; whatever the entertainment was at that time, it was over. However, being a sailor, I came to enjoy this part. This is where our captain-Oscar called for the crew to hoist the sails. Hearing him bark out the order, I immediately jumped to the windward side ready to pull the halyard like never before. Then a crew member said, “we can't allow you to pull because you are our guest”. I felt a little despondent, but got over it quickly once I sat down and enjoyed a nice cold fruit punch and some pineapples.
Upon returning, we had the chance to purchase photos taken during the trip. Everyone enjoyed laughing at our different candid shots of the group. Let's just say, what goes on in the DR and the party boat stays in the DR! With that said, I can't think of a better ending ! The crew, the scenery, the WHOLE excursion was unbelievable. The only draw back for me being a sailor was the limited time under sail. But, I definitely was in the minority on this subject. I don't think the other guests were in any condition to even notice we were sailing!
In the end, I give the party boat a solid A rating. If you plan on heading to the DR, make sure you visit the party boat. When looking for things to do in the DR, definitely look for Power Adventure.
Of all the top things to do in the DR, this is definitely one of the best excursions. Hats off to the crew of the boat and all my new friends who joined me and helped create the fun. Travel safe and Travel often.....
Hassan A. Malik
Staff Writer @ Punta Cana Best Excursions Blog and Website

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