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Punta Cana Boogie Excursion By Adventure Boogies


( Adventure Boogies )

From the very beginning, my experience with Adventure Boogies was nothing but FUN! In this version of our blog, our objective is to give potential vacationers a full view of the “Boogie”experience from the beginning to the end at Adventure Boogies.

My trip began mid-morning on a sunny Wednesday. Adventure Boogies sends transportation to pick up their guest from all the major hotels, and I was among the last group. As they say, “The trip is half the journey”. We had a beautiful view of the countryside as we traveled Northwest of Bavaro-Punta Cana. After a short 25 minute ride, we arrived at the ranch where the fun began.

It's been my experience with excursions that the arrival portion can be a nightmare. People moving to and fro, looking for someone to answer their questions etc., None of that happened at Adventure Boogies. The minute we arrived and disembarked the vehicle, representatives were right there to greet and direct us to our designated areas. Once we were seated in the orientation meeting, our guides promptly saluted us and the introductions began.

I have to give Adventure Boogies high marks on their orientation process. They quickly made everyone feel comfortable. The presenters were multi-lingual ( English, French, Spanish) and made a concerted effort to ensure everybody understood them. Questions were answered in all three languages as well.

The one thing that impressed me the most about Adventure Boogies was their commitment to SAFETY. During the orientation, the presenters stressed Adventure Boogies ZERO TOLERANCE for those who break their safety rules and endanger themselves and or other guests.

After a few housekeeping rules, we were lead to the Boogies. Here we received a quick overview of the mechanics of the vehicles which are very simple to operate. There were different types of Boogies: family Boogies that seated 4 or more, two seaters, I even saw four(4) wheelers available. Each guest was pre-assigned based on the number in their party.

Then...we were off. Experiencing the breeze in our face, the roaring of engines and feeling the horsepower in our Boogies. I couldn't help but pretend I was Dale Earnhardt Jr or Jeff Gordon as we tore down the long dirt road to begin our tour. Well.... okay, maybe it wasn't all that fast, but hey..... it was fun pretending..... Isn't that what this was about, Fun, Excitement, and Fantasy!

As we drove through the beautiful countryside, one couldn't help but be in awe of all the greenery and beautiful fruit trees. We saw cows, horses, sheep and other farm animals grazing throughout the whole trip.

Our first stop.... an Organic co-op farm run by Adventure Boogies and local farmers. During the stop, we received several presentations in all three languages about the farm. It appears that all of the produce are grown by the local farmers and a portion of the proceeds from the farm and Adventure Boogies are reinvested into the local community infrastructure. ( Schools, roads, housing, medical clinic ) What a fantastic idea and gesture. It made this trip so much more rewarding knowing I was helping the local economy. During the trip, you will see and taste some of the best Coco, Coffee, Coconut oil, tobacco, chocolate and tea on the island. You get to sample EVERYTHING! And, I highly suggest you take advantage of the samples.

Then.... it was time to visit the “CAVE”..... yep, the cave. One of the most exciting parts of the tour was our time spent at the Indian Cave. The indigenous people of the Dominican Republic (DR) were called “Taino”. This cave was absolutely incredible. Let me share with you the coolest part of the cave; inside was a crystal natural spring that was so inviting, everybody had to jump in for a swim. Being ninety(90) degrees Fahrenheit helped convince all of us.... The water was so rejuvenating. I must warn you, it was cold. Very cold, but the heat of the day balanced out the cold. Some people finished swimming early and wandered around the property. It was beautiful, to say the least. The plants, trees, and oh yes, a refreshment stand right at the exit of the cave... Perfect location. They say location is everything !!!!

Then after about a fifteen minute swim in the beautiful cave, we headed back to Boogies. It reminded me of the times I used to watch the Indianapolis 500 as a kid and the drivers used to run to their cars and the announcer would say.... Gentlemen, start your engines..... We all were safe and secure in our vehicles and we “tore”off down the country dirt road once again... Okay, okay, maybe we didn't really burn rubber like Mario Andretti, but we were moving at quite a good pace. Enough for the guys to feel like they were Jeff Gordon and the girls, Danika Patrick. Then, we came around the curve and WOW ! there it was..... the most beautiful beach in the country, MACAO!

By this time we were ready for the water. We all ran to the ocean and jumped in to cool down. Then, I thought to myself, look around..... this is absolutely GORGEOUS.... the scenery was unbelievable. The beach was clean, the ocean was clear as crystal, it was like looking in a glass of water. Kids were surfing, swimming and playing all over the place. Vendors presented their exotic jewelry and ohhhh yessss, the Coconut Man finally arrived. Nothing seems to quench your thirst on a hot day like Coconut water. For just a few Pesos, you are in Coconut heaven..... I have to say, I was very impressed with the vendors. Not only did they have very nice products, they were very polite, not pushy and seemed to really enjoy getting to know you and what country you were from. Unlike some experiences, I have had with vendors on beaches in other countries.

Then, “THAT” time came... the time nobody wanted to see or hear... the whistle blew and we had to prepare to leave the water and return home. Well, we dried off, moped back to the Boogies like school kids on their first day of school after summer break. After the security check and seat belts fastened, the guides led us back down that long country dirt road to the ranch. It was a sad but happy feeling. Sad because we were going home, but feeling fulfilled because we had such a great time. The excursion was well planned, extremely safe, organized and staffed by some very energetic and helpful people.

In closing, I have to give this excursion an A-. From the timely pick up at the hotel, all the way to the drop off at the end of the day; the staff was attentive, alert and always one step ahead of you when you had a question. It was like they were mind readers.

If I were asked what would I like to see changed or different about the excursion, it would be the return from the excursion. While we were directed to our specific vehicles, it was not until after everyone had run to the restrooms, looked at what pictures they wanted to buy etc.. There were about 15 minutes of downtime before the team came to direct us to our specific vehicles. This could be by design, but after a long hot fun day, I would like to know exactly where I am going and precisely what time. Who knows, that could just be the North American in me and our insistence on time management..... Besides my little issue, this was a fantastic and energetic trip for the whole family to enjoy. I highly recommend this trip. If you plan on visiting Bavaro-Punta Cana, plan on ADVENTURE BOOGIES and have a BLAST !

See you next time on our blog and we welcome feedback, comments or request for information. Travel safe, travel often...

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